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Menopause support and weight loss

How I help

My name is Sarah Brady and I help women live their best lives during menopause.

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Did you know that eating certain foods can improve menopause symptoms? 

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Can you relate to any of these?

  • A lifetime of yo-yo dieting
  • Deep self-loathing
  • Secret or emotional eating
  • Hopelessness, anxiety or depression
  • Shame
  • Obesity
  • Binge eating or extreme diets
  • Body size hold you back in life or in relationships?

I’ve been there!  I lost 8 stone and can help you change your mindset and habits to live your best life. 

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My story

From the age of 7, I was classified as obese.  I spent the next 40 years swinging between binge and emotional secret eating to unhealthy and extreme diets.

I tried all the High Street slimming clubs, and although I would initially lose weight my self motivation would gradually disappear, my inner self doubts and loathing resurfaced and the secret emotional eating would return.

Then one day I released my inner lioness and I roared for change. 

Over the next two years my internal roar carried me through an 8 stone weight loss.  Using my training in nutrition, 40 years of obesity and intimate knowledge of intermittent fasting I have developed a sustainable weight loss programme which is changing women’s lives.

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how do i help?

I help women make lifechanging transformations.

What makes us different?

Most diets only deal with WHAT you eat.

We also deal with WHY.

We teach a way of eating for a lifetime of supreme health and wellbeing, not just low calorie and quick fixes.

We endorse and teach intermittent fasting and set you up on the road for maintenance alongside it. There’s no big change, no anxiety about how you are going to maintain weight loss, because you are already on that journey.

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Art therapy introduction

The simple process of creating a piece of hand-drawn art has been proven to reduce our stress levels by over 30%.  Using art as a tool to clarify and release daily or long-held turmoil can double the effect. 

Using art as therapy is a great tool for deeper levels of self awareness and to help release those internal blocks which keep us repeating the same soothing rituals of overeating.

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Nic, aged 50

There’s no judgement, no shame, just building each other up, supporting each other in our aims and genuinely caring about each other. I have two more friends in my life too. So what changes?  Well the weight loss has been amazing, my shape is changing weekly, my skin’s brighter and healthier, I’m properly hydrated for the first time in my life (I only ever drank tea before) my sleep is so much better. I’m at peak beginning stages of the menopause but this way of eating has totally benefitted so many of the symptoms that come with it and I’m not struggling any longer.

Karen, aged 51

I have learnt how to control food better and haven’t gone back to bingeing on foods that quite frankly were damaging my health.  I feel motivated, I am learning how to rest and learning to show self love. I’m excited to see where this journey is leading, to a calmer, happier, healthier, more confident future where I have embedded the strategies I have learnt.


Join our roar, with Sarah’s help and support it’s much easier than you would ever imagine. 

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